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Glass Homes builds beautiful, modern, eye-catching homes in top communities within Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Westchester County, New York. Our Homes are contemporary architectural design, priced at $729,000 with seller incentives and exclusive construction financing packages. Our homes are typically 3 bedrooms, and usually have a guest house and swimming pool.

"Vision, design, and attention to detail is what drives us to deliver for our clients on a daily basis."
-Glass Homes

Tasteful Simplicity

Today, the most popular home design ideas fall in the modern style. Designing homes in this style is all about removing all signs of clutter and chaos. Instead, straight lines and organization provide a welcome replacement.

Interior Design

Decorating your home in the modern style will fill it with straighter furniture in plainer finishes of dark woods or black paint. The reason for such dark home furnishing decorating is the elegant, sophisticated feel it provides the room.

Energy Efficiency

With sustainability initiatives in mind, we embrace cutting-edge building technology of modular construction whereby much of the home is built in a temperature-controlled facility. We don't just sell Energystar appliances we sell Energystar homes!

Exquisitely Unique

We take great pride in delivering exceptional designs to satisfy even the most demanding clients. With unprecedented attention to detail, we deliver in bringing your masterpiece to life.

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